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The "Thoughtful Guidance"  difference; we are a full service funeral home.  Many of our packages include certified copies of the death certificate, and no matter the level of service you choose we will help obtain certified copies and submit newspaper notices. The cost of these non-funeral home costs are not marked up.  All families may choose to have an online memorial page that remains active in our archives and may be linked to your social media accounts at no additional cost.  We are on call 24/7 and have years of experience and knowledge to help your family.  You aren't expected to go it alone.

Important to know:  When a death occurs please call the funeral home at 978-263-5333; please do not rely on email or texts to contact us for the first notification call as the situation is too important and urgent to rely on electronic transmissions. The funeral home phone line is answered 24/7 by our funeral directors or an answering service rep.  Pre-Need pages: If you take the time to complete a pre-need information record, we also ask that you also please call the funeral home at 978-263-5333 to confirm receipt. 


There are two services this week that will broadcast through the remote attendance system, Tribucast.  The first is for Adam Mancini, Sr. of Maynard, which will be online Wednesday, May 6th at 5:00PM.  The second is for Mrs. Geraldine Cudmore of Walpole, which will be held Friday, May 8th at 9:00AM.  Links to each of the service pages may be found on their memorial pages by selecting the "Photos and Videos" tab on their main pages.  You may also download and print the service programs from the memorial pages.  Both services are not open to the public at the funeral home, but all are welcome to attend through the webstreaming application.  A guest book is also provided through the Tribucast page during the service, where you may leave a message for the family as the service is broadcast. 


As you are certainly aware, the outbreak has affected funeral and memorial services. Our job is not only provide services to help families when a death occurs, but to also protect the public health; that includes the families who call us to help, the people we interact with during the course of our work including healthcare providers, our own staff and the larger community.  We continue to get updates from the government and funeral directors' associations with recommendations. 

All planning will be done by phone, email and electronic apps.  Although we will no longer meet in person at the funeral home or the family home for arrangement or pre-arrangement conferences; non-technical people - no worries. Like many we are learning new apps but are just as comfortable delivering information packets and documents to leave in a safe place outside your door.  By phone we'll review each document to be sure we understand your questions and concerns, and that you fully understand the content.  With your ok, we'll arrange to pick up the necessary paperwork.

We understand the death of a loved one is already a terrible, stressful, emotional time for family and friends. We are complying with the government guidelines of no more than 10 people in attendance for viewing and/or services, and believe us when we say it's heartbreaking to enforce it.  People must understand that even with the reduced number of attendees following social distancing rules, there is a tremendous risk involved. Family members may come from different households and often have been out of their home and into the community for good reason.  However people exposed to COVID-19 are often symptom free and can unknowingly infect others. We cannot bend the rules and risk the heath of people who are in attendance, our staff and cemetery/crematory personnel.

We are committed to providing for families in these extraordinary times with the same level of professional and ethical service as always, and for now that means we will review options based on the individual family situation.

To clear up some misinformation: During this COVID-19 outbreak, there are no restrictions on funeral homes regarding embalming and preparing a loved one.  The funeral home staff is trained to use universal precautions and comply with OSHA reguations while transfering and preparing for services.  We are up to date on CDC and World Health Organization publications and guidelines. In the USA, the process of embalming is often more thorough than done in other parts of the world, and by its very nature disinfects the body and reduces risk from the virus.  We will continue to offer and often recommend embalming under certain circumstances. This would include situations when a casket burial is requested but for any reason is delayed beyond 48 hours, and when it is possible for in-person viewing and/or remote viewing (video) of their loved one. 

In addition, cremation is not mandatory for those who've died as a result of COVID-19.  Casket burial is definitely still an option.

As was stated in earlier notices, it is our understanding the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne is still allowing witnessed burial by immediate family fewer than 10 people, and as of April 15, 2020 everyone must witness the burial from their cars or the roadway at their cars.  People who are quarantined or experiencing symptom should not attend at all.  The policy may change without any notice as the situation developes.  The VA has issued a video on YouTube, and if you are interested send us an email and we'll forward the link. 

The Massachusetts Memorial Veterans' Cemeteries are providing for direct burials only limited to funeral home staff for transfer.

Military honors by the US Armed Services, volunteers and veterans organizations will not be permitted nor provided for any services at VA, public or private cemeteries or services at this time. 

We are advised NOT to delay final disposition, cremation or burial, once the necessary documentation is complete.  We cannot predict when we will be allowed to gather, and as we've seen in recent weeks the timeline for isolating has been extended beyond what experts originally thought would be a safe amount of time.

Special thank you to MFDA President C.R. Lyons, along with Margaret M. Nolan and Tara McGrath for their continued efforts on behalf of funeral homes. You are welcome to use the web page as a resource by visiting www.massfda.org.

And a heartfelt thank you to Tina Flaherty, Patsy Coffin and Mariana Martini for making masks for us. You are heroes!!!!

We will continue to do our best for all,

Sincerely,  Tim McGavin, Tom Grasso, Henry and Kathy Boyle

Looking for a memorial page or to post an online condolence message? Listings are on the right  of this page. For current services use the arrows at the bottom of the list to see additional pages.   For a past service click on "Past Services." Type the name in the search bar to find the record.  All our memorial pages complete with obituaries, tributes and photos are archived at no cost to families.                                                                                                                     

VERY IMPORTANT: A Word about Flowers:  In Massachusetts regulations prohibit funeral homes to sell flowers or receive compensation for floral purchases. We do not offer that service from our web site.  Many of the newspaper and online obituary sites connect to us when we submit the notice and/or post a memorial page. They may offer floral sales on their pages, and often people mistakenly believe we endorse their products.  However to ensure quality work, prompt service and timely delivery, we encourage people to order flowers directly from local brick and mortar florist shops. You may call the funeral home at 978-263-5333 and we can provide the name and number of the florist that the family has chosen.




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