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Henry C. Boyle III, Director


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The "Thoughtful Guidance"  difference; we are a full service funeral home.  Many of our packages include certified copies of the death certificate, and no matter the level of service you choose we will help obtain certified copies and submit newspaper notices. The cost of these non-funeral home costs are not marked up.  All families may choose to have an online memorial page that remains active in our archives and may be linked to your social media accounts at no additional cost.  We are on call 24/7 and have years of experience and knowledge to help your family.  You aren't expected to go it alone.

Important to know:  When a death occurs please call the funeral home at 978-263-5333; please do not rely on email or texts to contact us for the first notification call as the situation is too important and urgent to rely on electronic transmissions. The funeral home phone line is answered 24/7 by our funeral directors or an answering service rep.  Pre-Need pages: If you take the time to complete a pre-need information record, we also ask that you also please call the funeral home at 978-263-5333 to confirm receipt. 

Looking for a memorial page or to post an online condolence message? Listings are on the right  of this page. For current services use the arrows at the bottom of the list to see additional pages.   For a past service click on "Past Services." Type the name in the search bar to find the record.  All our memorial pages complete with obituaries, tributes and photos are archived at no cost to families.                                                                                                                     

VERY IMPORTANT: A Word about Flowers:  In Massachusetts regulations prohibit funeral homes to sell flowers or receive compensation for floral purchases. We do not offer that service from our web site.  Many of the newspaper and online obituary sites connect to us when we submit the notice and/or post a memorial page. They may offer floral sales on their pages, and often people mistakenly believe we endorse their products.  However to ensure quality work, prompt service and timely delivery, we encourage people to order flowers directly from local brick and mortar florist shops. You may call the funeral home at 978-263-5333 and we can provide the name and number of the florist that the family has chosen.


WHY CHOOSE ACTON FUNERAL HOME?  Because we support our local community!  The spotlight is on Household Goods, Inc. in Acton, MA.  We donate annually and hope you will consider doing the same. Household Goods, Inc  provides donated furniture and household items, free of charge, to those in need.  According to their tracking, up to 2,500 homes have been supplies with about 60,000 items of furniture and small household items.  900 volunteers put in 40,000 hours to make it succesful, helping former veterans, homeless, victims of domestic violence, and people who are ill or disabled, are low income, disaster victims and immigrants.  Please visit the Household Goods Inc web page at householdgoods.org for more information and to donate items, fund or your time to this outstanding community organization.


Prearrangement is a gift to your family, sparing them from hard decisions at an emotional time. Learn more aboue this practical & loving gesture.

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